SOFIA RAMSAY was born wearing pearls.

Pink ears tipped with tiny frothy orbs, secured with screw-backs carefully lacquered shut with clear nail polish to dissuade fidgeting, to teach permanence.

Tiny white dots punctuate large family portraits, generations of women who never left the house without something on their ears. This pointedly feminine virtue showed Sofia the inherent sentimentality of jewelry; and it was the immediate bond between object and wearer that forms in that space so close to your skin, that drew her to the art of metalsmithing.

Upon discovering the magic of metal, her aesthetic matured through geometric constructions. She strives to push the boundaries of conventional taste through the manipulation of this material.


Sofia Ramsay graduated from Pratt Institute in 2010 with a BFA in Jewelry and Fine Metals.

Since then she has explored the world of mass market fashion jewelry as well as maintained a private studio practice in Brooklyn. Here, the designer is able to explore techniques and create original designs in production. This workshop is also the birthplace of many collaborative efforts between such New York establishments as Nosotras Dos and You Do You Inspired.

You can find Sofia Ramsay with the artist Julie Thevenot at the Brooklyn Flea, where they sell their handmade jewelry and clothing every weekend.

Sofia continues to work in NYC’s costume jewelry industry, designing for the likes of Steve Madden, Macy’s, and various other private labels.