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Italian House of bijoux founded in 1969 by Lino Raggio (in the picture).

The stylistic eclecticism and flexibility of adjusting the bid proposals must be suitable to meet the most diverse needs. These range from processing of precious stones (amethyst, topaz, pearls) and semi-precious metals (gold, silver), glasses, resins, with rhinestones, plastic “from true to false, in a word.

Accessories clearly express a formal research and chromatic, which draws on various historical eras to distil eccentric creations, sophisticated, original and above all modern.

Inventiveness of Ray, were added immediately to the eye and skilful hand of Gianfranco Signori, architect and art teacher, who will soon “specializes” in the line of jewelry made with the collection of Giorgio Armani.

The two designers, always included in the social world and cultural metropolis, can capture certain minimum air “signals” that make up each season as many sources of inspiration, which are then transformed into trends. That’s why these jewels and accessories do not follow fashion, but they themselves fashion. . .

The collections were an immediate success and soon the brand is a showcase on the catwalks of the ideal baby Prêt-à-porter.

From 1969 onwards, in fact, the Brand Sharra Pagano says not only on the market for jewelry, with collections of high value quality and highly innovative style solutions, but accompanies and enhances the fashion designers like Walter Albini, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Moschino …