ROLOTTO by Gabriele Toscanini


My name is Gabriele Toscanini and I live in Arezzo, home of the great craft tradition of Italian jewellery and city where I created the brand ROLOTTO.

I am 31 years old and since I can remember, I always had to live among the company’s machinery family, which for decades produced silver jewelry.

I am literally grew up in the factory of my father, a man who gave me the soul of a trade, the artisan jewelry, and “put” in my heart this Art and history. A beautiful story, because in constant renewal, through the generations, fashions and even through the difficulties.

It is from a difficult period that arises ROLOTTO. It was 2013 and after a kind of particular period of my life, I realized that I can do only two things: either continue to work in the same way forever, or go over to what I had always done, to invent new ideas and creating new opportunities.

Einstein stated that “We can not expect things to change if we continue to always do the same things.” This phrase has definitely opened my eyes!

Even if on purpose, the change began around me: the birth of my daughter, the rapid evolution of technology and demands by the markets have changed my way of looking at things and starting from that moment, I’ve have improved my level of creativity as never before.

So that is why I decided to challenge my Company and play all the cards. Aware of the risks, I’ve started to realize my little dream, the ROLOTTO bracelet: a linear object but particular at the same time.

All my creations are made of gold or silver plated brass and consists of a number of links from the round shape, which combined with high quality paint, and that make it unique in its kind.

Behind every ROLOTTO creations, there is a clear vision: return to give nobility to work, valuing the made in Italy, which all too often risks being betrayed a concept but that we persist in considering the true value of our achievements..and through the hand-made work there is behind every single ROLOTTO, we do are succeeding.