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The Brand LABO’ DI GIO’ was founded in 2011 by the innate creativity of Giorgia Vaccari: after assembling by chance her first silver Bijoux she couldn’t stop anymore!
All Giorgia’s creations, starting from her thin Necklaces Rosary, the long earrings, the bracelets – made entirely by hand with selected materials and quality – are never the same to each other, as well as never the same is the life of the people who wear them.

Each LABO’ DI GIO’ jewellery are not a cold and repetitive product of an industrial machine, but the real “fruit” of Giorgia’s heart and hands, an expression of the soul of their creator, as much as of whoever will wear them.

Giorgia was born in Padua (in the north east of Italy) but she feels like a “citizen of the world”. After a long experience in Berlin (Germany), she is now living with her family in a tiny beautiful island in the southwest of Sardinia, called San Pietro Island: that is why all the shades of her latest creations are not only simple colors, but the blue of the sea, the green of the Mediterranean, the red/orange colors of autumn sunsets: memories of emotions that You can wear whenever you feel like this ..