ITSME accessories is an Italian brand born out of the research for ecological materials strictly Made in Italy.

Designed by Paola Spadoni and by her daughter Sara Bernardi, the ITSME brand features accessories whose main characteristic is the always unexpected lightness.

The near absence of weight allows for the creation of objects, often featuring exaggerated sizes, which in fact revolutionize the familiar concept of accessories itself.

Unlike traditional accessories, the ITSME wearables are no longer conceived as secondary adornments for the everyday look, but as a fundamental aspect of the style which characterizes the personality of every woman.

The choice of Ecopelle (imitation leather) as the material for the ITSME accessories, was made with a clear message in mind: respect for all living creatures and for our blue planet.

Through their creations Paola & Sara wish to emphasize the distinguished features of this extraordinary material by demonstrating that the luxury, quality and uniqueness value perceptions on the market are no longer the dominance of other conventional materials.

Paola draws and creates jewels inspired by the ancient art of tattooing and the richly decorative woven fabrics of times old to include Brocade.

Sara prefers to draw inspired by music to seek the harmony within her soul. Shapes steeped in sound recall other shapes and originate ideas while emotions guide the coloring pencil in her hand as colors are waves traveling through space.