Clemmie Watson_3-pic

Raised in a small town in Missouri by a Thai mother and American father, the Thai aesthetic was a constant part of Clemmie Watson surroundings.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, she developed a fascination with its ornate beauty and texture, which grew to influence her designs.

Emotionally invested in the process of creating, Clemmie rarely begin with a clear idea. The end result is always revealed through her response to materials, textures, and a particular method of execution.

The mandate in Clemmie relationship to her materials is to challenge herself to find a pure and honest use for them – one which reveals their inherent beauty, diversity, and uniqueness for which they were selected.

Clemmie Watson’s jewels are the culmination of skills she has learned by a meticulous working and re-working of materials, always observing the effects of gravity and motion. Her objective is to create the most seamless, organic, and intuitive transitions within her designs.

Each piece is handmade by Clemmie Watson at her studio in Los Angeles.

The Brand identity is inspired by a tattoo that Clemmie received in Chon Buri, Thailand in February of 2012