Established in 2012, First People First aims to merge into a single brand the largest international jewelry talents.

Thanks to a strong family tradition in the Italian gold and jewelry sector (Domenico Alessi SpA, founded in 1946), Arianna, Chiara and Viky Alessi combine their different skills to break the strict market rules where Designers and Artisans both Italian and international struggle to emerge, basing First People First on the foundations that outline the ethical vision of the brand: People First.

The most talented designers are included – through their iconic creations – into the portfolio of Collaborations of First People First.

These jewelry brands are selected at an international level after a careful research based on style and creativity skills which meet the standards of the Italian quality tradition, with the support of ITS (International Talent Support): the mission is in the name, give visibility, support and a voice to young talents from all over the world, by giving them the chanche to set their creativity through financial opportunities, internships and the opportunity to have their creations shown to a jury composed of real experts.